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Fire Safety Planning eLearning: Training for Owners/Operators (ETEFIELAEN0114-Mods)

This course will prepare owners/operators to develop and implement Fire Safety Plans in accordance with the needs of the facility they operate, and will provide the knowledge required to fulfil their regulatory obligation regarding fire safety planning.

The course is comprised of 10 learning modules. You can take the Mastery Test after you have completed the modules, or you may take the Mastery Test without going through the modules, if you feel prepared. Successful completion of this course will depend on an achievement of 70% on the test.

Time: Self-Paced Duration: Self-Paced Mode of Delivery: eLearning

  • Module 1 - Responsibilities for Compliance with Fire Safety Legislation
  • Module 2 - Fire Impact in Vulnerable Occupancies
  • Module 3 - Identification of Common Fire Hazards
  • Module 4 - Control of Potential Hazards in Vulnerable Occupancies
  • Module 5 - Vulnerable Care Resident Issues and Evacuation Techniques
  • Module 6: Building Design Feature for Evacuation in Vulnerable Occupancies
  • Module 7 - Controlling & Extinguishing Fire in Vulnerable Occupancies
  • Module 8 - Fire Alarm and Voice Communication in Vulnerable Occupancies
  • Module 9 - Planning Effective Fire Drills
  • Module 10 - Determining Staffing Levels
  • Mastery Test
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Mastery Test"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever